"Everybody needs a Savior"

I like to say, “Everybody needs a Savior,” which means 2 things: (1) Everybody needs Jesus; and (2) everybody needs a life-giving Christian community like Savior.

I see this in many people I meet:

  • Most people are lonely. They have few social connections that are meaningful. They need a place where they can be known, and know others.
  • Most people are overly busy and therefore, exhausted. They need a community that has a Sabbath, that refuses to hurry.
  • Many people who’ve tried church have been hurt by it. They need a safe, sane community, that is both solidly orthodox, and spacious enough to allow some difference of opinion.
  • All people are looking to contribute, to feel valuable. Here we welcome into service men and women, young and old, people with disabilities of many kinds, , et al.

As we delight in what we receive here, we also delight in welcoming others who “need a Savior.”

--Fr. Kevin