Spotlight on Ron & Emily McGowin

Emily and Ron McGowin are both ordained within C4SO — Emily as a deacon, Ron as a priest — and recently moved to Wheaton from Colorado with their three children (William, Emmelia, and Althea) and their black cat, Jezebel (who allows them to live in her home). Get to know the McGowins in today's post:

Where do you live now, and where are you from?

Currently, we live on the south side of Wheaton. We moved here from the Denver suburbs in June 2018 after living there for four years. Before that we also lived in Dayton, OH and Dallas, TX.

What do you do when you’re not at church?


Ron: Currently I serve two ACNA churches as interim priest. One in Lake Villa, IL and another in Milwaukee, WI. I collect and smoke tobacco pipes. I enjoy all sorts of adult beverages. I have recently entered the creative world of Dungeons & Dragons. I identify as an Enneagram 7w6.

Ron's favorite quote: “You are safe in God’s Kingdom.” - Bp. Todd Hunter

Emily McGowin.jpg

Emily: I am Associate Lecturer of Theology at Wheaton College. When I’m not teaching or preparing to teach, you’ll find me reading and writing about theology. And when I’m not doing that, I’m spending time with my husband, Ronnie, and our three kids. We love board games and movies and spending time at the library.

Trivia about Emily: I was heavily involved in ballet from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. I spent summers training with different ballet companies and was convinced I was going to be a professional dancer. But, then I fell in love with theology and discerned a calling to some kind of ministry, so I left that behind.

What brought you back to Savior after your first visit?

Emily: It was so warm and welcoming. I could tell my children were wanted and not just tolerated. And I felt I could be truly myself.

Ron: As a priest within C4SO under Bp Todd Hunter, there was never a question where our family was going to worship. However, we love the family feel and Montessori-based children’s formation model.

What passions and skills do you bring to Savior?

Emily: I love teaching—that’s why it’s my job! So, I have skills in teaching, research, and writing. I can preach, too, and have quite a bit of experience doing that from the church we planted in Denver.

Ron: As a priest, I love serving God’s people as they seek to find their place in God’s Kingdom.