Spotlight on Sandy Richter

Sandy Richter has been on staff at Savior since 2015, first as the Children's Ministry Coordinator and now as the Pastor of Adult Formation. In today's post, get to know Sandy and her passion for spiritual formation.


What is your role at Church of the Savior?

Pastor of Adult Formation, which means I am responsible for two major areas of our church life. One, I help to support and oversee our many ministry team leaders, including those who lead our set-up team, our meals ministry, our prayer and communion ministers, our small group leaders, and more. Two, I help to shape and shepherd our corporate spiritual formation, which includes coordinating and leading our silent retreats, creating devotional materials, preaching a few times a year, and discerning how to strengthen and support the rich tradition of spiritual formation in our community. Frederick Buechner describes vocation as the place where our greatest joy meets the world’s greatest needs. I love the way my job as Pastor of Adult Formation allows me to express my passions for spiritual formation, leadership development and teaching in a way serves our community. It has truly been a joy.

Where do you live now, and where are you from?

I live with my husband, Ian, and three kids, Kiah (10), Elle (8) and Ezra (6) in Oak Park, where we share a two-flat with our longtime friends and two adorable cats Sunshine and Pazu. I moved around a lot before coming to Wheaton for college. I came here from the Pacific Northwest which is still a heart home for me.

What do you do for fun?

I’m passionate about people, so I spend a lot of time getting to know my neighbors, deepening relationships with friends, discerning ways to encourage people in their life and faith journey. I also love to play board games, to read fiction, especially mysteries, and to watch tv and movies.

What are you reading?

The past few months I have been rereading David Benner’s *Surrender to Love*, which is probably my most recommended book of all time. It’s been great to sink back into the good news of God’s love in this run through, and to see the things that stand out to me this time around. As Benner says, “There is nothing more important in life that learning to love and be loved… \[and] Christianity is the world’s great love religion. The Christian God comes to us as love, in love, for love. The Christian God woos us with love and works our transformation through love.” Isn’t that such good news?

How can people get involved in the ministry you lead?

If you are interested in being involved in a specific ministry area, please contact our ministry team lead who oversees that area. If you would like to know more about spiritual formation, if you’d like to be involved in a small group, if you’d just like to talk about life and faith and the intersection thereof, give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to talk more.

Spotlight on Emma Shane

Savior is thrilled to welcome several new members this fall! Over the next few weeks, we'll turn the spotlight on Savior's newest members so we can get to know them and welcome them into our community. This week, we meed Emma Shane:

Emma, left, with her sister.

Emma, left, with her sister.

Where do you live now, and where are you from?

I am from Littleton, Colorado, where I am one of 5 kids in my family! I have two older sisters (both are married and live in Denver), a younger brother who is a sophomore at Wheaton, and a younger sister (She is my best friend). I am currently a junior at Wheaton College working towards a B.A in English Literature and a Master’s in Education.

What do you do when you’re not at church?

When I’m not working on classwork, I love to spend time with my friends at Wheaton. I also enjoy painting, running, and reading.

What’s your favorite song?

One of my favorite songs is an instrumental song by Sleeping At Last titled “Sun.” I listen to this song almost every day and I love it because I feel like it describes my relationship with God. It feels like God sings this song over me whenever I hear it, it is a promise of the light-filled life I’m living with Him and the hope of an eternity to delight in Him.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Light itself was your first love: you loved paint only as a means of telling about light” –C.S. Lewis; The Great Divorce

What brought you back to Savior after your first visit?

The extremely long passing of the peace and Marilyn Stewart. The next week I came back and she came up to me at the end of the service. She remembered my name and told me that she had prayed for me that week. I knew Savior was a place where people genuinely knew and cared for each other and I wanted to be a part of a community like that.

What passions and skills do you bring to Savior?

I really enjoy singing but I don’t get many opportunities to sing other than in church. I also really enjoy decorating/building/making spaces more beautiful or inviting.

Note from Sarah: Emma is also a talented visual artist; watch for her painting of her great-grandmother, which will go up on the blog on All Saints’ Day (November 1).

Spotlight on Luke and Christine Wulbecker

We are excited to welcome Luke and Christine Wulbecker as new team leaders heading up a new ministry area! In addition to serving on the music team and in the nursery, Luke and Christine will be leading the Compassion Ministry, which will identify places where members of Savior can practice their outward journey by caring for those around us. Get to know Luke and Christine in today's post.

Where do you live and where are you from?
We live in Schaumburg with our Corgi, Barnabas (or Barney, as he prefers), who rules the home. Luke grew up in Roselle, and Christine's childhood was spent between Park Ridge and Nigeria, where her parents were medical missionaries.

What do you do when you’re not at church?
Luke is a recruiter for a staffing agency, and has a passion for connecting with college students. Christine is a therapist for expectant and newly parenting families. We spend a lot of time with our families, most of whom live in the area. Luke loves riding his motorcycle, playing music, and baseball/softball. Christine loves reading, yoga, and Zumba.

Luke's favorite quote:
"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking about yourself less."  -C.S. Lewis

Interesting fact about Christine:
She was a goalie for the water polo team in high school.

How does the Compassion Ministry serve the life of our congregation?
A major goal of the Compassion Ministry is to support the church in efforts to connect and engage with the local community.

How can people get involved in the Compassion Ministry?
Pray for Wheaton and the surrounding area. Speak with Luke and Christine about your ideas of how to best engage the community. Watch for upcoming announcements about Outreach Community Ministry's Christmas Store, a chance to donate gifts to families in need this holiday season.”

Spotlight on Brad Lindsay

Over the next several months, we're highlighting ministry leaders at Savior. These leaders have answered some questions to help us get to know them and their ministries better.


Deacon Brad Lindsay has attended Savior for a little over a year, and in that time he has served in a variety of ways. This fall, he launched the new Welcome Team, a ministry that combines ushers with a team of people who help visitors feel welcome and comfortable at Savior.

Where do you live now and where are you from?

I live in Wheaton with one spouse, two dogs, and three daughters. I grew up mostly in Minnesota, but have lived most of my adult life in the South (North Carolina and Tennessee).

What do you do when you’re not at church?

I’m a computer programmer by trade and by hobby. I enjoy reading books and playing games of the board, card, video, and role-playing variety.

Also, I like to read N.T. Wright’s massive scholarly tomes. They may take me a few years to finish, but I especially enjoy the occasional snarky footnote.

How does the ministry you lead serve the life of our congregation?

The Welcome Team exists to help Church of the Savior cultivate an environment where everyone feels welcomed. We do this through greeting people as they come to the service, guiding them during the service, and assisting them in becoming more involved with the church body.

How can people get involved in the ministry you lead?

They can contact me at my email address:

Spotlight on Mark Hinsch

Over the next several months, we're highlighting ministry leaders at Savior. These leaders have answered some questions to help us get to know them and their ministries better.


Mark Hinsch coordinates Savior's Setup Team — you've probably noticed him moving tables or hanging banners if you've come to church early or stayed late. He leads a ministry that affects all of us as we worship each Saturday but that often goes unnoticed. Today, we learn a little more about Mark:

Where do you live now and where are you from?

I currently live in West Chicago with my wife, Betsy, and our cat Musette. I was born in Florida. I’ve also lived in California, England, North Dakota, Colorado and Illinois. I’ve been happy to call Illinois home for about 21 years now. There are so many things to love about this area!

What do you do when you’re not at church?

I work at Tyndale House Publishers as a Distribution Analyst. When we’re not at work, my wife Betsy and I enjoy cooking, reading, going for walks and spending time with friends and family.

How does the Setup Team serve the life of our congregation?

We facilitate a welcoming and worshipful experience for all who attend Church of the Savior as we set up the sanctuary and information table for each worship service. We also put things away after the service.

How can people get involved with the Setup Team?

The Setup Team needs your help! We are looking for individuals to help set up before the service and take-down after the service. Those who serve typically do so once a month, but we also need on-call / substitute helpers. If you are interested, please see Mark Hinsch at church, call or text at 630-745-0184 or email