Word from Father Kevin: Epiphany

One of our Savior traditions that is sweet – in both sense of that word – is to eat Rosca together on Epiphany. This Saturday, following the service, we’ll enjoy this traditional bread eaten to celebrate the visit of the Three Kings to baby Jesus.

And as the all-knowing Wikipedia explains, “At least one plastic miniature figurine of the baby Jesus can be hidden inside the cake. The person who finds it is seen as the lucky winner of the prize (whatever that might be).” In our case, the “prize” is that you get to bring cookies to our Annual Business Meeting (this year, Feb. 9).

This year, I can’t help but remember that our Rosca tradition was started by Marilyn Stewart, a founding member of Savior who went to be with the Lord in December. We will miss you, Marilyn. And we will keep sharing food and sharing fellowship, as you taught us to do.