Word from Father Kevin: Savior's 14th Anniversary

This Saturday, we celebrate that on October 23, 2004, Church of the Savior began with Fr. Bill, Mtr. Linda, and 24 other founding members. The church met in West Chicago then and took the name “Church of the Savior” partly in honor of the “inward journey, outward journey" modeled by Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC.

In those early days, over a table at Houlihan’s, Alexis Beggs Olsen asked the question, “How would you like the church identified?” Linda and Bill replied with what has become our Vision: “I want us to be known as people who love God, love others, and love life with abandon.”

By year 4, one-third of all church plants have closed. But here we are, celebrating God’s goodness 14 years in. Now we all gratefully receive in this community and take our own parts, learning how to love more fully, deeply, sacrificially, joyfully.

May we always be a place where the Gospel is preached, the Sacraments are rightly administered, children dance, people are known by name, the poor are never forgotten, leaders lead humbly and collaboratively, the disabled find community, guests are welcomed as if they were Jesus, and God receives 100% of the glory.

P.S. After my sermon Saturday, Deacon Josh sent this brilliant 18-minute video by Andy Crouch which underlines so much of what we’ve been learning during our “Blessed to Be a Blessing” series.