What is Breeze?

A simple way for people in small- and mid-sized churches to stay in touch.

Why has Savior decided to use Breeze?

  • It will help us keep in touch with each other through an online directory (and you can print it too)
  • It will help us do some things even better:
    • communicate among our ministry team members; set up schedules
    • welcome visitors and follow up with them
    • provide people records of their giving
  • It's affordable ($50 / month, no matter how many users)
  • You can access it online or on your phone apps
  • It plays well with the software we already use (Quickbooks and our Squarespace website)
  • It has great customer service and support

How can you access Breeze?

If you already have received an email invitation to create a member account, Church of the Savior's Breeze page can be accessed here: friendsofthesavior.breezechms.com.

You can also download Breeze's mobile app, in order to be able to access the online directory wherever you go!

What can you do once logged in to Breeze?

After creating a member account and logging in to Breeze, you will be able to:

  • View other Savior members' basic contact information (an online directory!)
  • View and update your personal information
  • Add a profile photo (please make sure that you can clearly see your face!)

Need help uploading photos to Breeze?

Check out this guide to adding profile photos to Breeze.

Adding Individual Photos

Adding Family Photos

Need help updating your personal information?

Check out this guide to editing a profile in Breeze.

Still need an invite to use Breeze at Savior?

If you haven't already received an email invitation to create a Breeze Member account, that means that we do not have your email address on file.

No worries! Simply fill out the following form. We will enter you into the Church of the Savior database, and you will receive an invitation to create a member account soon!

Do you have questions about Breeze at Savior?

Note: to submit your personal information and get added to our database, please use the form above!

Please ask any Breeze questions you have using the form below. We will do our best to answer your question(s) ASAP!

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