"I Am Here for You": beautiful words by Robert Lax

Robert Lax was an American poet, a convert from Judaism to Catholicism, and a friend of Thomas Merton. In his work Psalm, he includes these words, which (to me) can be read in several ways: as the commitment of a friend to a friend, or the prayer of a soul to God:

"I am here for you. I have no other person to be here for and no other reason to be here. I am here at your disposal. Your disposition. I have no desire except to do what you'd have me do. I have heard of other desires. I haven't heard of any that mean as much to me as that. Haven't heard of any that would mean as much to me as knowing I was doing what you wanted me to do. Or even not knowing I was doing it. Simply doing it.”

—from Psalm by Robert Lax (Zurich: Pendo, 1991).