Here's a Prayer Resource to Try: Daily Office Booklets from Rookie Anglican

--by Deacon Josh Steele

In the weeks leading up to Advent 2016, I had a problem.

I was serving as a youth pastor at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Birmingham, AL, and I wanted to challenge my students to try to do the Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer for the four weeks of Advent. 

However, I faced a small crisis of user-UNfriendliness!

  • First, none of my students were familiar enough with using the 1979 Book of Common Prayer to realistically use it for the Daily Office during Advent.
  • Second, the ACNA's new Daily Office liturgies and lectionary were only available as confusing PDFs and Word Documents.
  • And third, although there were/are great apps out there for the Daily Office, I wanted to give my students an analog way to pray.

So, I created a "Daily Office Booklet"—a simplified version of the offices of Morning and Evening Prayer, with the readings listed out for you, so that you just need your Bible and a Booklet to do the Daily Office.

I've continued to make these Daily Office Booklets ever since, and I offer them to you as a potentially helpful aid to your prayer life. 

If you're interested in the Daily Office Booklet, go here to learn more.